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When he’s not a stranger and other stories

A short collection of stories centering on the various complexities of human emotions. The assault on a beauty queen, from a place of refuge in an unfamiliar environment, extrapolates the frailties of human emotions. It is a storytelling of a collective sit out of mature storytellers spilling their utmost secrets of sober reflections of what life has thrown at them. To an impossible love story of an older woman and a younger man.

AWF06095 (Medium)

Jumoke Okuwobi

About The Author

Jumoke Okuwobi is a romance writer. Born in Lagos in she wrote her first short story at the age of fifteen and developed a love for writing. She studied Literature-in-English at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

“The Affair” and some other short stories were written as a hobby while working in various establishments. These can be found on her website Jumoke draws inspiration from her years of working with the Media, Oil and Gas sector and the Banking Industry, as well as socializing and meeting people.

Jumoke lives in Lagos with her Husband. A Ration of Thorns is her first novel.

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"A Ration of Thorns certainly provides a thorny predicament. This page turner keeps you wondering what could happened next. From a conference in London, to the need for adventure that becomes a family dilemma, the book can have your heart racing. There is a Confucious saying "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves" and the events in the book makes you swing between digging two or none... It feels like an everyday story but you would have to buy it and experience it yourself. It is a quick read so buy and read this book. I plan to read it again!!"
Dozie Okpalaobieri
"Lydia and Mike tell a story of courage and determination with an intensity wrapped in deft suspense. This moving tale strikes a delicate balance between love and hatred; passion and ration. The binaries are so profound and exude postmodern aesthetic. With A ration of Thorns, her first outing Jumoke Okuwobi is certainly a writer to watch out for.."
Oluwole Coker, Phd
Senior lecturer, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

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Romance | Fiction

When he’s not a stranger and other stories

With When He’s Not a Stranger and Other Stories, you are likely to feel a part of this encounter at some point, as several aspects of contemporary life, especially those less talked about openly, are unveiled throughout the book.
Her masterly way of addressing those dark-side psychosocial issues in society makes for deep contemplation. The non-judgmental setting gives each one the freedom to lay it all bare without any fear of embarrassment or condemnation. What a way to delicately introduce a culture of secrecy and personal shame to the possibility of addressing their issues and finding healing from the sufferings of others in similar situations.
Through these stories, the author weaves real issues around relatable contexts that the reader can easily get soaked into. That is what brings her writings so close and so enjoyable as well as passionately engaging. Another excellent work! – Olaniyi Omotosho

Romance | Fiction

A Ration of Thorns

From a steamy sexy beginning through a roller coaster ride of emotions, A Ration of Thorns is a narrative, compelling and suspense-filled novel, that explores the cruelty of lust, the fragility of love and the power of forgiveness. An intricately woven story told from three perspective all centered on an act of infidelity. After years of struggling with infertility, Lydia Adeyeri has a one night affair with a stranger of another race and colour and gets pregnant. Unable to keep this as a secret she reveals the act to her husband and thus began a battle of wits and the road to self-discovery and forgiveness for this middle aged couple. The story also explores a man’s perspective on adultery and health.

Romance | Fiction

Spirited Obsession

Silver spoon Tokunbo Taylor is a man conflicted and disillusioned, the only thing keeping him from losing his mind was his obsession for the one woman that he could not have. A story of love tainted with betrayal and blind ambitions. Growing under the shadow of an oppressive father, in the wealthy suburbs of Ikoyi Lagos, Tokunbo finds love with the unsuitable Omolola. When their love was tested Tokunbo would have to find succor for his broken heart in his newly found faith. With betrayal from those closest to him, his pastor, his father and his wife, will Tokunbo be able to survive with his sanity intact or will he succumb to his problems?

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