The Grey Hyundai
The Grey Hyundai

Early this morning I woke up having morbid thoughts as today is the last day of the year Two Thousand and Thirteen (unusual) and I remember the “Nunc Dimittis’. Anyway with trepidation and somewhat lost in thought I stepped out of the house and into my vehicle. Having just missed my morning and weekly news bit on Freshly Pressed, I was looking forward to catching the news and tidbits from my Facebook page and the dailies in the office. Traffic was light and I mentally reminded myself that I should enjoy it while it lasts and brace myself for the resumption of work and schools at the coming year.

The road was free and it was easy doing 100 on the free way as against the inching traffic which I encounter daily on my route. Approaching a roundabout I noticed this other vehicle exactly like mine but grey in color and the Afro headed guy driving beside me, he had his hands out and was pointing into the roundabout or so it seemed and I ignored him  and sped off. However I noticed him behind and sometimes beside me. Now because the road was free and I was already late for work, (not that it was going to be an issue) I was doing my maximum speed limit. (I never go above 100 as a rule, because I only do the speed I can control) It felt as though I was soaring without a care, until this grey SUV pulled up to my side and the Afro haired man was flaying his hand telling me something and pointing I initially thought that my tire was flat then I saw him mouth “YOUR BONNET IS OPEN’ Oh dear God! I temporarily slowed down and my caution mode kicked as I veered slowly to the slow lane and finally made it to a bus stop. Well you know that this is Lagos one has to be cautious at all time. I looked around me put on my caution light and alighted from my vehicle and indeed my bonnet was open. I was perplexed as I couldn’t for the life of me phantom how it could have happened? There was no indicator on the dashboard to suggest that the lid of the engine was off and I suddenly felt upset at what could have happened if that kind soul with the only license plate number 826 Grey Hyundai X35 did not alert me of this impending danger.

To the Afro Haired man whom I name 826 I dedicate this piece to and hope that you will find favor and luck all your days. I eventually caught up with him and waved my thanks and we both parted ways at an intersection. As the year ends today I pray that your sorrow ends as well and mercy and grace will be yours in 2014. To my friends and readers I say lets be our brothers keepers and pay it forward in the coming year. I want to end this years blog with a quote from:

Dawna MarkovaRemember: Each of us can decrease the suffering of the world by adding to its joy.


Seasons Greetings


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