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So long a post..

‘Wow’ it has been a long time coming since I last made a post on this blog that I almost abandoned. I have been wondering

Sola’s Dilemma Part 2

Part II Getting home later that night I took a good look at Femi and wondered how I would broach the topic up. Unfortunately I

Sola’s Dilemma

    How is it possible, that you have never achieved an orgasm? Titi asked aghast. Do you even know what an orgasm is? She

Being fine with Forty!

Being fine with Forty! I really wonder what all the fuss is about turning forty! It’s just another day and another birthday and another era.

Burning Love

      By Jumie Burning Love With tears streaming down my face I run into the other room in terror and shut the door

Hopefully 2015….

        Hi everyone, It is another new year and a hopefully a new beginning for a lot of people. The year began

The Affair (final)

  By Jumie…   You are definitely the most beautiful woman in here’ said Alfred as he suddenly crept up silently behind me. I stiffened

The Affair (Part 2)

By Jumie…   I sigh quietly and soon enough I can feel remorse creeping up on me and Alfred seems to notice the look on

An African Thunderstorm

Below is one of my favourite poems which was written by James David Rubadiri, some how the poem stuck with me from my youth untill