The Affair

By Jumie.. What am I doing here? I ask myself for the umpteenth time. Here I am sitting behind the wheels of my luxurious car.


            It bugs me to hear the word ‘sorry’ nowadays! It has become grossly overused and a times unnecessary. The


826 Early this morning I woke up having morbid thoughts as today is the last day of the year Two Thousand and Thirteen (unusual) and I

Gorilla Saves 3Year Old Boy

The reason you can keep a wild animal in a zoo without it constantly trying to jump out and murder visitors is that most animals

Dr Bird on Mighty Sparrow

              By Wole AWE. This piece just refused to flow. I started wanting to write something cool since sometime

Just A Kiss (Part 2)

By Jumie   Linda: I must sort this matter out’ I said jumping to my feet. I stop short, what if I’m wrong and he

How road rage rules

By Jumie I wrote this post yesterday and had problems uploading on the site, perhaps it was because i needed to update this piece because,