Just A Kiss (Part 2)

By Jumie

one kiss



I must sort this matter out’ I said jumping to my feet. I stop short, what if I’m wrong and he is mistaken by my confrontation for something else, what if he decides to take this further than the kiss? Will I be powerless to stop him? My heart is quickening at the thought of seeing him again. Oh this is foolishness. Am not that naïve young girl who had always looked up to AM as the perfect ideal man, who was always so impeccably dressed and confident and oh so handsome. Stop this Linda” I scold myself as I twist my wedding ring on my finger. I sit down again on the bed as my mind wanders again. Had our closeness at work brought about these strings of desire from AM, my mind wandered to a particular evening we had spent talking about ourselves while we waited for some business colleagues in a hotel a year ago and we had talked about cheating spouses and the banality of our society I remember feeling as though someone had made love to my mind and I felt as though I had cheated on my husband even though now that I think about it that discussion that took place in the conference room of that hotel, I must have crossed the line by revealing to him some of my intimate thoughts which I believe is only meant for Jude and I, it felt like my loyalty to my husband was tested that night I failed woefully





The lady told me her name is Veronica, a typical fake name! I swear these girls think we are fools. She begins to talk and my mind wanders off I wonder what Linda is doing? Perhaps I could check up on her when I leave this bar. Just then Veronica touches my hand and I am jolted back to reality. She must have asked me a question! Sorry? I asked and she repeated herself “I said I know somewhere we can get comfortable’. She is a bold one I admit and she is quite tempting and beautiful and with a knock out figure but she doesn’t quite do it for me considering that am still stirring for Linda. I really should go and manage the situation. I excuse myself from Veronica and tell her I’ll be back, knowing that I won’t and head for the lift.
Am by the door and as I made to lift my hand to knock, I find my self unable to. What do I say to her? How do I make it right? Do I regret my actions or do I want more of that sweet but brief kiss? I have to think. I turn around and head for my room.

I think someone’s at the door, I jump momentarily and listen carefully. I can’t hear anything; my guilt is making me imagine things. So I lay down for a while fully clothed as I think about the situation at hand.
Oh dear there’s the knock on the door again I get up and go to open the door. AM barges in and before I can protest he sweeps me to him in a bear embrace and is shoving me back into the room, his lips have captured mine in a frenzy and I find myself tearing at him as I equally respond with the same urgency. My hands are all over him and soon enough without breaking from this passionate kiss I am running my hands over his chest as I frantically tug at his tie and free the buttons off his shirt.
I break off for air and my eye goes to the door. We stare at each other there are no words.  Quietly AM disentangle himself and walks

towards the door. Am a little disappointed and I fear that he is leaving me. I close my eyes and exhale loudly until I hear the lock turn. My eyes fly open and I see AM in front of me, eyes searching as though he could read my soul. Without saying a word he lifts me up and in that powerful stride of his walks to the bed and gently deposits me on it. My heart begins to pound loudly and I can think of nothing but how much I want him. As he bends head to kiss me. I regret nothing.
The ringing of a phone awakens me. Gosh it’s been a dream.

I must see Linda tonight I have to finish what I started. Rubbing my glasses I wonder if I should remove them and leave them in my room. Thinking about that for a moment my mind wanders back to the situation at hand. I need her, like a wanderer in the desert needs water. I am that parched for her. Back in the office I have tried all I could in restraining myself from having a go at her. But everything about her is so damn sexy, the way she moves, talk, the brush of her perfectly manicured nails. Her smooth sexy voice and her body is to die for. That moron of a husband of hers doesn’t appreciate her that’s for sure. I know I can make her happy.
But what if she doesn’t truly want me? I have been looking forward to this trip for weeks now, I have almost gone crazy thinking about this moment and yet I have managed to destroy it somehow. Gosh I wished that she had responded accordingly.



I am disoriented and a little confused. Did I dream up everything? Did I dream up the kiss and the lovemaking or was it just the lovemaking? I don’t know what’s real and what’s not. When did I remove some of my clothes and why am I covered in sweat? The phone is still ringing. I pick up and it is one of my colleagues, calling to compare and complain about their Hotel, I mumble some sort of response and quickly end the conversation as I am in no mood for chit chat. My throat feels dry and my lips feel partially swollen. What is going on? I look for the time on my phone and discover it’s a quarter past ten. I must have dosed off I conclude. Yet I am still tingling and a little light headed.



…….to be concluded.

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