Just A Kiss

By Jumie



She gently but firmly pushed me away as she broke from my embrace. What’s wrong I asked trying to hold on to her, I can’t do this” we should not, I have to go! Then she turned to leave the room leaving me standing unable to speak as I was consumed with a desire so strong it had me clenching my fist tightly together. Linda is my personal assistant and also a friend to my family. I can still smell her perfume and the taste of her lips on mine. I put a hand to my lips and I can feel the residue of her lipstick on my lips. I quickly take out my handkerchief and wipe away the lingering gel. What am I doing? I thought we were on the same page?  I wondered as I regain composure once again. This hotel room suddenly feels stifling and I think I need a drink, my eyes dart towards the cooling cabinet and I lose interest upon remembering its contents. I definitely need something stronger. I think I’ll try the bar downstairs.



Oh my God! How could I have been so stupid? I cried inwardly as soon as I close the door to my room, thank God I was alone; I can’t bear to face anyone this way. What have I done? I asked myself again. Why did AM have to kiss me and why didn’t I stop him? Did I not know that that was going to happen? Questions and questions. Although it was a brief kiss I must ashamedly admit that I enjoy it! I haven’t been kissed like that in a long time and it felt so good but yet so wrong. I am married with kids for God’s sake. Ten years of marriage and now this where do I start from, how do I face my husband? This trip was a mistake. Did I give off my girlhood crush on to AM? Did he know? Had he always known? I should have stopped him when he brought his lips close to mine instead I closed my eyes and betrayed myself and my family. Gosh what is wrong with me why am I reliving this ordeal in my head again? Isn’t it bad enough that I have sinned and broken my vow to God and to my husband, always to remain faithful and true? Could I have responded because Jude and I are going through some rough patch in our marriage? But then we have lived out tougher times. Jude hasn’t even touched me in months now and I haven’t been the usual devoted wife too. But that’s no excuse for what AM has done. How will I face him tomorrow when the conference ends? How will I be able to look him in the eye again? I didn’t initiate the kiss; I thought defensively sitting hard on the bed. What a bloody mess this trip has turn out to be.



Ah that’s it the bar man knows my poison, I thought silently as he pours me a glass of scotch. I still can’t get Linda off my mind and this drink isn’t helping. What if she raises an issue, worse still a management issue, I don’t think that she would after all I know she’s always had a soft spot for me. I am the CEO and I always have a way of working things out. Linda isn’t just any ordinary woman she’s…… what’s going on here, I didn’t order for another drink. I look up enquiringly at the barman and he whispers compliments from the Lady’ my heart skips a bit as I wildly imagine it’s from Linda. As I turn to look at his pointed direction, I see a beautiful woman lift her glass at me and smiles invitingly. I raise the glass in a half salute and turn away. Undauntedly she heads over to my direction, gliding in an almost cat like fashion. As she slid unto the seat at the bar beside me I reach for my inner breast pocket and pretend to be taking a call.

To be Continued…..

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