My Very First Blog

facebook-20131107-205139Welcome to my very first blog.

My name is Jumie and i have always wanted an avenue to share thoughts and tell stories and fiction about all kinds of things.  I have a very vivid imagination and like a good mystery. I also believe that every one has that special talent which should be used for the good of Mankind. With the advent of the computer, things have become relatively easier to communicate far and wide. In time i hope i will be able to cut across all kinds of people and races in getting my message and others across.  i am gradually craving my niche as a romance writer. For my late friend Olufunmilayo Sarah Jeyifous, i dedicate my first blog to her as she made me realise the importance of having faith in people and seeing the good in people and never giving up on them.  I am so excited.

Let the fun begin.

Xoxo Jumiesbit

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