So long a post..

‘Wow’ it has been a long time coming since I last made a post on this blog that I almost abandoned. I have been wondering why I need it at all. There has hardly been traffic on this blog, yet my determination to write did not waiver and I did not realize that this medium was a way of showing me the way on my journey. A painful yet rewarding and healing journey on this esoteric world of ours. So much and so little has happened. A great loss of self and a beautiful find of who I have become. A lot of ups and downs, a new way of life, not just for me but for the whole world. A new lease in life, a restructuring and a new decade that begun with uncertainty and a pandemic of social distancing, social wellbeing, social nonchalance and its consequences. The last few years have felt like a free fall only halting when the world stood still for an invincible enemy. The guns stopped, the airspace quieted, the roads emptied as we retreated into our homes and ourselves, occasionally coming up for air as we waited for its pass over fearfully watching in disbelief as our lives took a new dimension and our vulnerability was exposed.

Even now we are still uncertain and yet the humanity in us that craves for social interaction and the touch of love that makes and defines who we are, cannot remain imprisoned as we break the chains of bondage set by this invincible enemy. The question is what have we learnt from it? Have we become better or have we migrated to the worst version of ourselves? The only answer to this esoterical question lies with the answer time” Only time will tell.

In time will I become a better blogger or will I write every once in awhile. I really don’t know. But whatever medium I choose I am staying true to my calling. And that is to continue writing. Since my last blog I have written two books. I started with a novella ‘A Ration of Thorns’ and the feedbacks and praise I got encouraged me to write further and it was fun writing the my latest book for now. ‘Spirited Obsession’  was written with a renewed gusto and a desire to let you in on the way love works in a controlled environment. I love writing as it has helped to define who I am by giving me a sense of purpose and direction. A frustrating and sometimes emotionally wrought profession but ultimately rewarding. Most importantly I write because I am inspired by love and the music of love.



I hope that it will not be so long to come before I write another post.




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